• It was a show! Promoting Horizon

    It was a show! Promoting Horizon

    We had a wonderful evening where we could talk with very interesting people!The meetings with M. Idir HAMAZI of “Réseau entreprendre” and M. Thierry Marx, were exciting and I hope fruitful! Meanwhile, here are some photos of the event:

  • 1st prize pool!

    1st prize pool!

    We are very proud 😎 to be the lucky winners of the Innovation category of this 3rd edition of the Entrepreneurs’ evening, organized jointly by Air France, SODESI and HOP!, with the great chef Mr. Thierry Marx as sponsor. The Battlecorp Horizon project is moving forward and I’m thrilled that our work is being recognized […]

  • Day 0

    Day 0

    This is it. The first publicly available content for our studio is going online. After years of wait for some of you, and years of work for us, we are very proud to be able to give your the first glimpses and elements of Battlecorp Horizon. Immersive graphics, addictive skill-based battles, community, plus a new […]